End of Spring 2016

Jtech has noticed that lab hard drives are filling up to capacity. Please make sure you're doing the right thing and NOT saving any data on any of the lab hard drives. You've got you're own assigned server space. Use it. Pretty please. We do not want to delete your only copy of any project if we have to do lab maintenance.

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Projector has a dark display (Fixed)


If you log into the podium computer and your projection comes up dark, follow these steps to set the settings for a lighter display.
  1. Log into the podium computer using your regular user name or the Journalsim Guest Account
  2. Go to "System Preferences" and click on "Displays".
  3. The system will show two different screens: one titled "iMac", which controls the local display settings of the actual iMac screen; the other is "VGA Display", which controls the display of the project screen. Make sure you're on the VGA Display window.
  4. On the "VGA Display window", select the "Color" tab on the top of the window. a list of color profiles will show on the left side of the window.
  5. Select "Apple RGB". You should see improvements in the projector's display immediately.
  6. You may now close the windows. You do not have to apply or OK the changes.

This, for whatever reason, only works for your account and on the projector settings you just changed. This means if you were to change the settings in one classroom, when you returned to the same classroom, the settings would still be there. However if you were to go to another lab, the settings would be dark.

Home Directory Cleanup

On May 16th, 2012 student directories hosted at the School of Journalism servers were deleted in order to recycle our server storage. All student account data will be deleted.

We encourage you to back up your home directory to an external device.

User Life Cycle

The user home directory/fully provisioned account life cycle is something that has not been a very clearly defined policy at the School of Journalism. With that in mind I'd like to lay out the long and the short of the homedirectory/account life cycle.

Fully provisioned accounts as well as the associated network home directories are created when a Journalism student enroll to Journalism classes. Fully provisioned accounts provides users with the following:
  • A network home directory to store School of Journalism assignments
  • A print credit account for printing School of Journalism assignments
  • Login access to all School of Journalism specialized lab computers
As students move on, accounts are de-provisioned twice per year. At the beginning of each semester users that have not logged into a School of Journalism computer since the beginning of the previous semester will have their home directory archived, SOJ security group memberships revoked and print credits deleted.

For example, user pm234833 had a fully provisioned account created in fall '97 and used it consistently through spring '02. The last login recorded for pm234833 was April '02. The account sat untouched until the beginning of spring semester '03. In Jan '03 pm234833's group memberships and print credits were completely revoked. The homedirectory 'pm234833' was moved into an archive where the oldest archive is deleted as space is needed.

Trash Policy

It's a popular belief that when you move files to the trash you regain the storage space on your account. This is not the case. Since the files in the trash are recoverable until you empty your trash, they still occupy space in your provisioned account. We had found students account with gigabytes and gigabytes worth of files in their trash. Due to this immense waste of storage our policy states that account trashes will be the first item to be deleted when server space is running low or could be deleted manually at any point in time. We encourage you to empty your trash regularly and to back up your files to an external storage device.
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